African American Intercultural Congregational Support


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The African American Intercultural Congregational Support Office assists the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in addressing the needs of African American Congregations. It works in partnership with Mid Councils to nurture conversations and facilitate ministries that will transform African American congregations into a more vibrant and healthier congregation.

The office emphasizes principles that will encourage, nurture, support, motivate, equip and empower leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ, to become more intentional about engaging in spiritual practice that nurtures a transformational spirituality and leads towards transforming communities and the world, The Beloved Community or The Realm of God on Earth.

Get the African American Presbyterian Congregational Support Directory

In the PC(USA) there are approximately 460 predominantly African American congregations and an estimated 80,000 African American Presbyterians. If you are traveling or planning to relocate and want to connect with a local congregation, you can find local congregations with this directory.

The African American Presbyterian Congregational Support Directory, consisting of predominately African American congregations includes:

  • Index by synods, congregations and pastors
  • African American Clergy Women
  • African American Seminary staff persons
  • African American General Assembly staff persons African American executives in governing bodies

We are happy to announce that the Revised 2020-2021 African American Directory is now available for download.

Please help us keep this directory updated by submitting your changes to us immediately.  Use the forms for individuals and congregations.


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